About Us

The Stevens Point Composite Squadron of Civil Air Patrol was chartered in 1985. We are one of 28 community-based squadrons in Wisconsin.  Composite Squadrons are composed of both adults and cadets. Our organization is made up entirely of volunteers.


We need new members who want to serve their community and country. We have many opportunities for pilots and non-pilots. If you're a pilot, would you like to use and expand your flying skills in the service of others? Like to fly but you are not a pilot? We can train you to be a mission scanner or mission observer.  Like to learn about aviation and rocketry? We have an active aerospace education program.  Want to serve your community as a member of a search and rescue team? We can teach you search and rescue and survival skills. We also need people who can help with finance and media relations. 


Teachers! We have a special program for you. Become an Aerospace Education Member and receive free classroom teaching materials that meet national standards for math and science. And members qualify for $250 grants, offered twice each year. Aerospace education members also receive a free orientation flight every year in a Civil Air Patrol aircraft. To learn more, visit the National Civil Air Patrol website for educators.


Parents--would you like to enrich the life of your son and daughter in a program that will teach them leadership skills, self-discipline, and provide them with many educational opportunities?  Young people ages 12-18 can join as cadet members.


We are especially happy to find new volunteers who share our commitment to doing good in the world. Do you want to support us by helping with our missions? Then do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you.





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Our Leadership Team

Squadron Commander: Major Peter Arnold

E-mail: arnoldpc@wctc.net


Deputy Commander: Captain Terese Barta

Deputy Commander of Cadets: 1st Lt. Carolyn Johnson